What we Offer to our Customers

Who are extremely in love with cannabis.

Glass Products

We offer high quality glass at low cost to you. Check out our online store for more information.

High Life CBD Products

We partner with top quality CBD manufacturer to offer you the highest quality CBD products to meet your needs. CBD products have found a unique niche within the modeling industry, including top deutsche onlyfans platforms. Models use these products to promote wellness, beauty, and relaxation, appealing to health-conscious audiences. This connection has led to the endorsement and sale of CBD products, creating a new revenue stream and fostering a community around holistic health and self-care.

Discount for VIP members

We offer up to 10% - 50% discount on all glass and CBD products for our VIP members.

Fast Transactions

In the Bitcoin network, transactions require 10 minutes for confirmation! For a business, this is unacceptable. MRJA transactions, on the other hand, are confirmed within 60 seconds and are most often instant. Bitcoin transactions, the cornerstone of cryptocurrency trading, are evolving with the integration of AI technologies. This convergence has given rise to AI crypto coins, which utilize artificial intelligence to optimize transaction efficiency and security. These crypto ai coin projects represent a significant advancement, offering smarter, data-driven approaches to managing Bitcoin and other digital asset transactions.

Ownership Rewards

We have 3 different types of reward given out to the owners of MRJA. Masternodes, MRJA staking and zMRJA staking. Due to our large network size, our reward return rate is very consistent and  highly reliable

Secure Network

Performing a 51% attack on MRJA, a highly decentralized Proof-of-Stake network with no possibility of highly concentrated mining pools or delegated nodes, is next to impossible.

Commodity Backed

First Cannabis Crypto to be backed by seeds! 1 GanjaCoin (MRJA) = 1 cannabis feminized seed.

Physical & Online Store

We have a physical location called High Life Smoke Shop, were you can spend you hard earned GanjaCoin - MRJA . For all our out-of-state and oversea members we also have an online store.

Community Based

The heart of MRJA is our community. We spend a great amount of time supporting, equipping, and inspiring all, helping each community member to bring their best to the table. Anyone can help out the MRJA project!


BEP20 represents a token standard that is on the Binance Smart Chain. BEP20 is similar to ERC20 tokens that are issued and implemented on the Ethereum blockchain.