Our Team

Full time team members.

Name: Andre Decorzo Sr
Title: Founder
Discord: Ganjaman / Legends
Bio: Andre has been involved in the world of cryptocurrency since 2015, studying the evolving blockchain technology while also pursuing one of his many passions, growing and studying marijuana/CBD and it's therapeutic impact and healing properties. This is what sparked his idea to create GanjaCoin, a cryptocurrency to connect growers, distributors and consumers under one payment ecosystem, utilizing instant and private transactions. Andre has been coding since he was 13 years old starting with small websites then making his way to other languages such as c++, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Ruby on Rails, blockchain technology and so on, culminating into the creation of the GanjaCoin project.
Name: Elson Smith
Title: Full-stack Developer
Bio: Elson Smith is a 30 year old software engineer who lives in Dekalb, IL. His role as a MRJA team member is to develop applications that can interact with our blockchain as well as others. He specializes in full stack web development yet is no stranger to embedded device programming and mobile device programming. So far, he's brought together the Laravel framework and the C++ wallet together to deliver fast, easily deployable, and safe systems to use on a daily basis.
Name: Magda Baez
Title: North American/South American Continental Team Leader
Bio: Creative Soul. Digital Native. Media Junkie. Hands-on Art Director/Content Creative with the true qualities of a fully integrated designer and solid brand and content strategy experience.
Name: Andre Stepanov
Title: Marketer
Bio: Andre is a young entrepreneur from the green friendly state of Washington, who works as a writer and marketer for GanjaCoin. At the moment Andre assists in writing applications, the whitepaper, public service announcements, and any other content that the team needs. He currently studies business management at the University of Washington in Seattle. Andre firmly believes GanjaCoin has what it takes to help revolutionize the marijuana industry across the United States.